Choreographer, Performer, Hairstylist, Community Leader.

Jennifer "Bout' It" Gonzales was born in Fort Worth, (Funkytown) Texas, on June 15th, 1988. She now lives in Dallas, Texas, where she performs as a dancer, hosts dance events, and styles hair.


At the age of six, she went to the Boys & Girls Club, where she learned her first dance, the "Tootsie Roll," from an older girl at the Club. Jen has always had a natural rhythm since she could walk. Growing up, she learned how to dance Tejano & Cumbia, and by age eight, she started practicing breaking with her siblings. 


Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Jen choreographed and performed in multiple talent shows. She also did cheerleading, performed for a local tv show, quinceaneras, and sweet sixteens. During high school, Jennifer joined the drill and step teams. In her senior year, she created her own crew outside of school called "The Lunachicks," who performed at events and special occasions. 


In the DFW Metroplex, there was an underground scene called "The Blowout Scene". These events gave her and her peers a platform to showcase their talent and compete. The Lunachicks became pretty popular in the scene, and they performed in multiple events throughout the metroplex. She enjoyed choreographing, coordinating, and directing the girls, then began styling hair for their performances. At its peak, "The Lunachicks" had about 25 female dancers on the team. 


In 2006 Jen was introduced to the underground Hip Hop culture where she attended her first Jam called "Breakin' Barriers" in Fort Worth, Tx. That day she fell in love with Bgirlin. Shortly after that, her focus was solely on breaking, and she spent hours practicing every day. In 2007 Jen entered her first Bgirl Battle at Bgirl City in Austin, Tx. It's at this battle that she earned her Bgirl name "Bout' It". Her name was given by a legendary Bgirl, "Honey Rockwell," from the Bronx, New York's famous Rock Steady Crew. 


 Although Bout It has been dancing all her life, the Hip Hop culture has had a significant impact on her dancing and lifestyle. Since she got into the scene, she has traveled to multiple jams and attended countless workshops during her travels to improve her skills. She's learned from some of the best, including Honey Rockwell, Ken Swift, Kwon, Ladieone, Jk47, Omar (MZK), Fabulous Freddy, Brian Green, Green Tech, Mike Song, Roxrite, Macca, and the list goes on and on. 


Bout' It loves any music that moves her soul aside from Bgirlin she had been in the Latin social scene dancing Salsa, Bachata, plus other ballroom dancing styles. She has performed and attended many workshops at congresses, socials, including dance studios. She is always a student moreover loves to share her knowledge with others. Bout' it is an All Styles dancer, including Hip Hop, Cumbia, Bgirlin', Salsa, Bachata, House, Popping, Locking, Belly Dancing & More. 


When she isn't on the dance floor, she's making people feel and look their best from behind the chair. Starting with "The Lunachicks," Bout' It has been styling hair for Men, Women, & Children for fourteen years now and continues to hone her craft by learning new techniques. 


She is the founder of "Ladies With Flava". A collective movement empowering the Ladies through Hip Hop & Latin Cultures, promoting self-love and holistic practices. 


Jennifer is currently teaching for summer camps and pop-up events be sure to. 

CAP Artist (Culture Arts Program) for the City of Dallas. 

Available for Congresses, Socials, Jams &, etc. 

Dance Event Curator 

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