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The "Ladies With Flava" brand started as a session for female freestyle dancers in Dallas, Tx. The intention was to create a sacred space for ladies to authentically express their creativity. Since I've been in the Hip Hop scene, I noticed many females would start dancing and then stop because of how intimidating it could be in a male-dominant culture.  After a year of having sessions, I decided to do an anniversary by hosting a community Jam at Mesquite Arts Center. Ladies With Flava is all about encouraging females to break out of their shells and express themselves FREELY. At this event, we'll have dance workshops, battles, and Latin Performances to expose both the Hip Hop & Latin cultures under one roof.  Ladies With Flava Vol. 4 aims to bring people together through both dance cultures while promoting Self-Love and Holistic Practices. The Gents are welcome; we have a category where the Gentleman can ask a Lady to be thier dance partner for the Lady & Gent All Styles Dance Battle. 

Check out our Highlights back in 2019

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